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Company Locations

Scientific consultancy is available in Denmark, meanwhile reselling of biotech products are available from Italy.

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Customer Care

We use formula "full refund" if customers are not satisfied of our services or products.

We care about customer goals and we use multiple approaches to get the wanted service/products.

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Custom Antibody

Affinity purification

FPLC purification

Enzyme engineering and discovery

Enzyme discovery and evolution is the top service that is highly required by customers. Recombinant enzyme engineering is a wanted feature to adapt a wild type enzyme to specific needs.

Try It First before Buying

Satisfied or reimbursed! Anyhow, you should always try our products before ordering large amounts.

For custom projects a demo amount will be produced and delivered, free of charges.

Scaling up

From research, lab scale to industrial scale by CRO is not an easy step. We optimize scaling up amount on request.